If you’re looking for a place that contains everything you need to know to get started in SketchUp, start here! This page will contain SketchUp tutorials on everything from the interface to using plugins to create photo-realistic renderings.

Most Recent Tutorials

This section will contain my most recent SketchUp tutorials. If you’re looking for the newest SketchUp lessons and content, you’re in the right place!

The SketchUp Essentials Tutorials

These tutorials make up the heart of the SketchUp essentials. They are more in-depth than my average tutorial, but they really dive deep into SketchUp’s functionality. If you’re looking for the most information in a video, here’s where to look!

  • SketchUp Make vs. SketchUp Pro Comparison - The SketchUp Essentials #47
  • 4 Ways to Add Backgrounds to a SketchUp Model - The SketchUp Essentials #41
  • The 5 Best SketchUp Camera and Navigation Tips
  • Navigating Interiors with the First Person Camera Tools - The SketchUp Essentials #36
  • Creating an Organic Canopy with Sandbox Tools in SketchUp - The SketchUp Essentials #32
  • Modeling with Hidden Geometry in SketchUp - The SketchUp Essentials #29
  • Managing Views in SketchUp with Scenes - The SketchUp Essentials #24
  • Creating Floor Plans from Images in SketchUp - The SketchUp Essentials #23
  • Managing Groups and Components in SketchUp with the Outliner - The SketchUp Essentials #18
  • How to use the Extension Manager in SketchUp 2017 - The SketchUp Essentials #16
  • 5 ESSENTIAL TIPS to Speed Up a SketchUp Model - The SketchUp Essentials #15
  • Creating Round Extrusions with the SketchUp Follow Me Tool - SketchUp Essentials #7

Basic SketchUp Tutorials

These are quick tutorials designed to help develop basic modeling skills in SketchUp. However, they will also cover modeling methods designed to help build advanced models as well.

SketchUp Quick Tips

These are quick tutorials that contain tips to make you better in SketchUp. If you’re looking to speed up your workflow, this is the right place to look!

  • Importing Images as Textures in Your SketchUp Model - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Making a Pencil Drawn Style in SketchUp - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Using SketchUp's Push Pull Tool in Create Face Mode - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Working with Shadows in SketchUp - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Making Materials Transparent in SketchUp - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • SketchUp Paint Bucket Tips and Tricks - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Resizing Textures and Materials in SketchUp - SketchUp Quick Tips
  • Quickly Saving Camera Views in SketchUp with Scenes - SketchUp Quick Tip
  • SketchUp Quick Tips - Quickly Swap Components
  • SketchUp Inference Locking with your Keyboard - SketchUp Quick Tip
  • Speeding Up Your SketchUp Model with Fast Styles Badges
  • Copying Objects with the SketchUp Move Tool - 2 Minute SketchUp Tips

SketchUp Plugin Reviews and Tutorials

A stock SketchUp install is pretty great, but sometimes you need some extra tools to get the job done. This section will contain reviews of and tutorials for the extensions that can make SketchUp even better!

SketchUp Speed Modeling and Tutorials

Sometimes the best way to learn how to create models is to just watch someone else model. This section contains longer videos of model creation for your viewing pleasure!

  • Speed Modeling a Traditional House in SketchUp - SketchUp Speed Modeling
  • Creating the Magic Rose and Cover Scene from Beauty and the Beast in SketchUp - Part 2
  • Modeling a Curving Stair Rail in SketchUp with Radial Bend and PathCopy - SketchUp Plugin Tutorial
  • Modeling the Magic Rose and Cover from Beauty and the Beast in SketchUp Part 1 - SketchUp Tutorial
  • Modeling the Hylian Shield from Zelda: Breath of the Wild in SketchUp
  • Modeling the Master Sword from Zelda: Breath of the Wild in SketchUp
  • Making My SketchUp Christmas Scene with Narration - SketchUp Speed Modeling
  • SketchUp Speed Modeling - Star Wars Tantive IV Corridor
  • Halloween Haunted House SketchUp Speed Model
  • Home Entry Speed Build Part 2 - SketchUp Speed Modeling
  • Using Photo Match to Model a Historic Monument Sign in SketchUp
  • SketchUp Speed Build and Tutorial - Modeling a Tractor Wheel


Getting Started

This section contains tutorials designed to help you get started in SketchUp. They will teach you to do everything from downloading and installing the software to creating your first model.

Importing Google Maps in SketchUp Small Thumbnail
Importing Google Maps into your SketchUp Models
One of the most powerful tools in SketchUp is its ability to interface with Google Maps and Google Earth. This tutorial will teach you how to import and utility Google geographic data in your models.


Round Extrusions Thumbnail SmallestUsing the Follow Me Tool to Create Round Shapes in SketchUp
This tutorial will teach you how to use SketchUp’s follow me tool to create round shapes that you wouldn’t be able to create with any other tools in SketchUp.


Thumbnail for SketchUp Tutorial for Downloading and Installing SketchUp Downloading and Installing SketchUp
This tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to download and install SketchUp on your computer. The best part – this fully functional 3d modeling program is FREE!


SketchUp UI and Navigation Tutorial Part 1 - Opening OptionsSketchUp Interface Tour, Part 1 – SketchUp’s Opening Options
Ok – you’ve downloaded and installed SketchUp. Now what? This tutorial will walk you through all the opening options so you can get SketchUp configured the way you want it.


Thumbnail for SketchUp UI Tutorial Part 2SketchUp Interface Tour Part 2 – Toolbar and Workspace Tour
You’ve opened SketchUp, and are now presented with a ton of toolbars and options. What does it all mean? This tutorial will get you acclimated to the SketchUp workspace so that you can start 3D modeling with confidence!


SketchUp Tutorial View Tools ThumbnailUsing the SketchUp View and Navigation Tools
Being able to confidently move around in SketchUp can save you hours in the long run. This tutorial will teach you how to use the basic view and navigation tools in SketchUp so you can navigate the 3D space with ease.


2D SketchUp Lines Tutorial ImageSketchUp Drawing Tools Tutorial Part 1 – Drawing Lines
This tutorial will teach you to start modeling by going over the simplest drawing tools in SketchUp – The Line Tools.


Thumbnail for SketchUp Faces TutorialSketchUp Drawing Tools Tutorial Part 2 – Faces
This tutorial will walk you through the basics of how SketchUp fills in shapes with faces. You’ll learn how to create faces, delete faces, what to do if a face gets deleted, and other useful information.


SketchUp Drawing Shapes Tutorial ThumbnailSketchUp Drawing Tools Tutorial Part 3 – Shapes
This tutorial teaches you how to use the 2D drawing tools in SketchUp to draw shapes. These skills will be utilized later when we start working in 3D.


Thumbnail for SketchUp 3D Doghouse Model TutorialDrawing a 3D Doghouse in SketchUp
This SketchUp lesson will give you step by step instruction on how to create a 3D model of a dog house in SketchUp (this example model was suggested by the two canine members of the SketchUp Essentials team).


Thumbnail for Tutorial on SketchUp Groups and Components
The Basics of SketchUp Groups and Components
This tutorial will teach you the basics of using groups and components in your SketchUp model to save time while modeling.


Copies in SketchUp Tutorial Small ThumbnailUsing the Move and Rotate Tools to Create Copies
When modeling in SketchUp, you’ll often find yourself making copies of objects. This tutorial teaches you to use the move and rotate tools to create copies quickly and precisely.


SketchUp 2d Scale Tool Tutorial ThumbnailUsing the Scale Tool to Modify 2D Objects in SketchUp
Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself needing to resize or reshape objects in your SketchUp model. This tutorial will teach you to use the scale tool to modify two dimensional shapes.


SketchUp Scale Tool for 3D Objects Half Size ThumbnailModifying 3D Objects with the SketchUp Scale Tool Tutorial
This tutorial deals with the more advanced aspects of the scale tool, like resizing 3D warehouse objects, resizing single faces, and working with mirrored components.


SketchUp Push Pull and Offset Tutorial ThumbnailDrawing 3D Shapes and Floor Plans with the SketchUp Push Pull and Offset Tools
This tutorial will teach you how to use the push pull tool to create 3D shapes, as well as walking you through using the push/pull tool in conjunction with the offset tool to quickly create 3D floor plans in SketchUp.


SketchUp Follow Me Tool Tutorial Thumbnail Half SizeExtruding Shapes Along Paths with the SketchUp Follow Me Tool
The follow me tool is one of the more confusing tools in SketchUp, but it is also one of the most powerful. This tutorial will teach you to use the follow me tool to extrude objects along paths, allowing you to create objects like pipes, cabinet doors, wood base, and many other objects.


Advanced Tutorials

This section contains tutorials for using SketchUp to create more advanced models. These lessons are a little more in depth and require a slightly greater understanding of the software than the tutorials above. However, they are step by step and easy to follow, so they are still intended for everyone!

SketchUp Curved Lettering TutorialCreating Curved Letters on a Sign Without Plugins
This tutorial will teach you how to create lettering that curves along with the face of a curved surface without having to use any plug-ins.



Shaderlight Rendering TutorialThe Basics of Rendering with Shaderlight
There are many third party plugins for SketchUp intended to help you create realistic renderings. This post will teach you the basics of using Shaderlight to create photorealistic renderings.


Two Minute Tips

This section contains short, to-the-point videos about individual ideas in SketchUp. Each video will teach a single important strategy in SketchUp designed to help make you faster in your modeling.

SketchUp Creating Copies with the Move Tool
Creating Copies with the SketchUp Move Tool
This quick tutorial will teach you to create single or multiple copies of objects with the SketchUp move tool in a straight line.