Create detailed flooring in SketchUp Fast with Floor Generator! Extension of the Week #48

In this video, we check out a SketchUp plugin that allows you to quickly create flooring, tile, brick, siding and more quickly and easily!

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This week, we’re going to review an extension that allows you to generate flooring as actual geometry in your models.
This week’s extension, chosen by my Patreon supporters, is floor generator.
Plugin Name:

Floor Generator

Plugin Developer:

Sam D Mitch

Plugin Cost:

It’s free!

Where can you get it?
You can download it from the SketchUcation Plugin Store
Tool functions –
This extension allows you to generate flooring as actual geometry in your models. This means that you can create tiles that actually have thickness, along with Brick, wood floors, and many other options.

  • One item of particular note is the ability to generate clapboard, or building siding on vertical faces.
  • All the floor types have editable input, including being able to set length, width, spacing between objects, offsets, and more.
  • You can also adjust the orientation of the items that you’ve selected by both 45 and 90 degrees.
  • You can adjust your material either by applying the current active material in SketchUp to your model, applying random colors, or by selecting random textures from a custom folder. This is especially useful because you can use it to apply random materials to each object, meaning there’s no tiling to your textures.
  • You can also adjust your textures within this extension. Theoretically you can adjust the size of the textures, though I haven’t had a lot of success getting that to work, but you can adjust the rotations of your textures as well as allowing you the ability to randomize the rotation of your textures.
  • You can add bevels and random imperfections to anything you create to make it look more realistic as well.
  • This also includes the ability to create each object as an individual group. I’m not 100% sure what the create behind face option does.

Overall, this seems to be a VERY interesting extension for both floor and wall generation in SketchUp. It seems like you have to be careful how much geometry you create because it could slow down your model, but it seems like this could be super interesting for rendering and other applications.