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SketchUp Pro Download

Download the pro version of SketchUp here for installation on your computer!

SketchUp Tutorials and Playlists

SketchUp For Beginners

New to SketchUp? Check out this playlist of videos designed to get you up and running quickly and easily!

SketchUp for Woodworkers

Are you a woodworker? This series is specifically designed to help woodworkers get started in SketchUp!

Learn to Use Layout!

This playlist is specifically designed to teach you to use Layout – SketchUp’s architectural plan generation program!

SketchUp for Beginners Course

Need even more instruction? Check out my step by step, start to finish course on modeling in SketchUp!

SketchUp to Layout – Complete Apartment Model

Want more Layout tutorials? In this series, I create an apartment model in SketchUp and use it to create plans in Layout – start to finish!

My Favorite SketchUp Extensions!

In this section, I’ve included a list of my current favorite SketchUp extensions. Some are free, some are paid (usually affiliate links), but all are useful!

Great SketchUp Books and other Resources!

In this section, check out my list of SketchUp books and resources from other SketchUp Experts! (Affiliate Links)

My PC and Other Modeling Tools

I get asked a lot about what PC and other tools I’m using to create my models and YouTube videos. Here’s a comprehensive list of my gear! (Affiliate Links)