RANDOM SCALE AND ROTATION of Objects in SketchUp with this Extension

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to explore an extension that allows you to scale and rotate groups of objects in SketchUp!

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Plugin Name

CLF Scale and Rotate Multiple

Plugin Developer

Chris Fullmer

Plugin Cost


Where can you get it?

Click this link to download – https://extensions.sketchup.com/pl/content/clf-scale-and-rotate-multiple

Tool Functions

This extension is designed to help you quickly and easily take groups and components and apply scale and rotation factors to them.
This extension is broken up into to two functions – Scale and Rotate Uniformly, and Scale and Rotate Randomly.
Scale and Rotate Uniformly can be used to apply scale and rotation factors to a group of objects at the same time, meaning you could use this to make multiple objects bigger, or to rotate them all at once. Honestly, I see the multiple object rotation function being much more used than the uniform scale, but feel free to chime in and let me know otherwise.
The way these work is that you can scale along different things. For example, scale along axis will scale each object based on the individual component axes. Scale along component base will scale each object based on the base of the component. Scale along center will scale the object out from the center point of the object. Finally, scale about world applies the scale factor based on the world axis, rather than each individual component axis.
Scale and rotate randomly will apply a random scale and rotation to each individual object based on inputs that you provide.
For example – you can set a minimum/maximum scale factor, as well as a min/max rotation. This allows you to customize your scale and rotation factors to keep your objects within a size/rotation range.
Probably what you’d end up using this extension for most is randomizing plantings, trees, and other landscaping objects as well – this is an excellent landscape architecture tool.
You could also use the scale about world option to randomize placement of objects, as well as size and rotation.