Hi, I’m Justin, and I love using SketchUp! I started using SketchUp a few years ago while working at a general contracting company. I had used other 3d modeling programs in the past, and SketchUp immediately made on impact on my with its ease of use and its “fun factor.” While using other programs was a bit of a drag, everything I made in SketchUp was a lot more fun.

I started modeling things just for fun in my free time. I’d see a building that I liked and try to draw it in 3d, or I’d create a model of my living room so my wife could see what it would look like in different colors. Whenever I’m modeling in SketchUp, the possibilities just feel endless! This is the feeling I’m hoping to convey to other users with this website.
Personal Life

I was born and raised in Colorado, and now live just north of Colorado Springs with my wife, 3 dogs, and ever increasing herd of horses.

When I’m not creating SketchUp tutorials, I spend my time trail running with my border collie best buddy Bonnie, fishing, exercising, and trying to do whatever I can to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Colorado.


If you made it this far, send me an email to the address on my contact page and let me know what you do in SketchUp! (Architecture, woodworking, 3d printing, etc)